Tuesday, 25 August 2009

UK Wasp Alert - Barbara has got it in the bag.

There seems to be lots of stories in the media about the huge amounts of wasps this year in the UK. We caught a news snippet on the BBC this morning that suggests the amount of Wasps around this year is the highest amount witnessed for 30 years.

The Abbey House Gardens have always had visiting Wasps in the summer months as they often get attracted by the smell of fallen fruit from our trees. One of the suggestions by a viewer made to the BBC was to use a paper bag, fill it with air and then tie it to a tree or object close to an area thats visited by wasps. The inflated bag is meant to represent a wasps nest, and as wasps are largely territorial our friends in the garden might politely find somewhere else to inhabit! Thats the plan anyway and Barbara is giving it a go. Watch this space for the results.

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