Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Plant of the week: Acanthus Spinosa or Bears breechs

Every now and then we plan on featuring a plant you would expect to find in the Abbey House Gardens and give a litte bit of background on its origins and a few tips you might find useful for maintenance. We tracked down one of our gardeners Kevin today to tap his Brains on Acanthus Spinosa commonly known as Bears breechs. Its a plant that always draws the questions from visitors to the Abbey House Gardens.

You can find this hardy plant in either full sun or partially shaded areas of the Abbey House Gardens. It can grow upto 150cm tall if planted in a well drained area with regular watering intervals.

You can see the large green leaves to the plant below, this type of leaf structure has traditionally influenced ancient architectural designs on corinthium columns. Its presence in any garden brings a strong sense of classical design.

The flowers themselves can often be mistaken for fox gloves from a distance. This is probably why we get asked about this plant a lot by visitors to our gardens. They tend to flower between the months of July and September and can be seeded in March and April.

Kevin's big tip is particularly useful if your thinking of moving or removing this Acanthus Spinosa (Bear Breeches) from your garden. If you leave even the smallest spore in the ground this plant will come back time and time again. Take your time and do a thorough job when extracting!



  1. On what temperature this plant will grow? as well is this grow in pots?

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  2. Wow...what a garden. How proud of you must be to have achieved this. I can't pick out any favorite bits...it's all gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing with us

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