Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Weed Wednesday at the Abbey House Gardens - Volunteers Wanted

Ever fancied the chance of being a professional gardener for the day ? Kevin and Carl, part of our enthusiastic gardening team are organising 'Weed Wednesdays.' Its a chance for willing volunteers to experience the Abbey House Gardens from a gardeners point of view. From the flower beds up!

The day starts, with quick introductions and guidance from Kevin and Carl on areas of the garden that need attention and TLC. The 'Weeding Wednesday' team will then spend the morning together tending to a particular area of the grounds. The lads will be able to answer questions on specific types of plants and flowers and offer advice, hints and tips on becoming a better gardener. They have bags of knowledge that they are just dieing to pass on!

The morning will be therapeutic, rewarding and as challenging as you want it to be. Set in a beautiful environment with great enthusiastic company.

The itinerary for the day starts at 9am, when the gardens are closed to the public. At 11am we will break for coffee and cake to re charge the batteries. Another few hours work until 1pm ish and then its lunchtime and your morning work is complete. Your then free to hang up your gardening gloves and down your tools and enjoy the gardens freely for the rest of the day. 


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