Tuesday, 19 May 2009

May 2009 - Monthly Photos of the Abbey House Gardens

Every month we like to catalouge the Abbey House Gardens as the flowers, plants, trees and wildfire change to adapt to the seasons. We hope over the 2009 season our pictorial diary will catalogue how much the gardens change, develop and can surprise our visitors.

April was dominated by our 150,000 Tulips. They gave the Abbey House Gardens an injection of strong primary colours throughout. May sees a gradual change in the tone towards more subtle greens, browns, purples, oranges and yellows.

The laburnum tunnel veiled with strong yellow tones is one of the most popular areas of the gardens during May. The tunnel stretches around 30 metres long and is full of beautiful smells and sights.

The gardens are inhabited by lots of wildflife. For the May 25th Bank Holiday we are planning a 'Bird Talk' focus... we photographed this lovely specimen down in the river gardens next to our popular Fisher Man sculpture.


  1. Lovely photos - the gardens are coming on great. The rain today and yesterday will probably help I'm sure.